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Microphone Parts

Shure Commando 415, 430, 430SL Microphone

COMMANDO CONTROLLED MAGNETIC PAGING MICROPHONE MODEL 415, 420, 430 430SL Comes complete with swivel adapter and desk stand … and is easily remov­able for use as a hand-held microphone! Special “momentary” press-to-talk, lock­ing or non-locking, switch on the microphone controls both the microphone circuit and the external relay or control circuit. Smooth and uniform broad frequency response (60 to 10,000 Hz) is free from undesirable peaks. For indoor or outdoor …Read More

General Electric Royal Professional, MASTR Exec Radio Microphone

From a June 1969 General Electric Mobile Radio advertisement: GENERAL ELECTRIC MOBILE RADIO QUALITY…SPEAKS FOR ITSELF. Only the all solid-state MASTR Royal Professional Series uses silicon transistors, electronic voltage regulation, a computer-like Sensing and Control Network, cast aluminum receiver chassis, and plated-through printed wire boards. So? So, when you invest in a RoyalProfessional mobile radio, you’ll get all the communications capability you pay for. Because it stays on the job …Read More

Shure 404C, GE 404, Series Microphone

From the 1968 Shure Brothers Microphone Catalog: CONTROLLED MAGNETIC “404” SERIES … THE STANDARD OF THE INDUSTRY Without a doubt, the strongest and most practical close-talking micro­ phone for ANY mobile application. It is the most widely used mobile microphone among police, taxicab and fleet truck operators. Exclu­ sive ARMO-DUR Tlii case is comfortable to hold in hot or cold weather … is immune to oil, grease, fumes, sun, salt, spray, …Read More

Shure Model 450 Microphone

From the Shure 1972 Microphone Catalog The new modern design of this rugged omnidirectional Dispatcher Microphone fits every decor for dispatching and pag­ing use, and features a tele­scoping height adjustment (ap­prox. 2 1/2″) for maximum convenience. The case is made of rugged gray Arnio-Dur*, which won’t crack, peel. rust, or dent. The patented Con­trolled Magnetic Cartridge in­corporates an impedance switch for low or high impedance. The push-to-talk switch bar activates both …Read More

General Electric EM25 EM25A GE EM-25E

The Shure Brothers Model EM25A communication microphone was produced for the General Electric company for their mobile radio units. There are a variety of models, mostly differentiated by their body color. EM25A, EM25E, EM25M. The EM25 is basically a Shure 404C microphone in a custom body built for General Electric, and is easy to identify by it’s silver metal face grille.

Shure 405K, GE EM10A Microphone

From the 1968 Shure Brothers Microphone Catalog: MODELS 405K CONTROLLED MAGNETIC MICROPHONES Designed for clear, crisp, natural voice response of high intelligibility. The 405K Series Communication Hand Microphones are pressure actuated units using the Shure developed balanced-armature Controlled Magnetic Cartridge. Model 405K-High impedance (14,000 ohms). Output level, -14 db (0 db=1 volt per 100 microbars). Direct re­placement for General Electric models EM10A1, EM10A2, EM10B2, EM10D, EM10E, EM25A, EM25E and for …Read More

Shure 520SL, The Dispatcher

From the 1956 Shure Brothers Microphone Catalog: This new Controlled Reluctance unit is designed to handle the most severe field requirement~ of paging and dispatching systems. The unit is supplied with 7 feel of 2-conductor shielded cable, and is wired to ope fate both microphone and relay circuits. The “Dispatcher” is ideal for police, taxi-cab, railroad airport, bus, truck, and all emergency communications work where dependability is vital. Large grip-bar …Read More

Shure 707A Crystal Microphone

From the 1949 Shure Brothers Microphone Catalog: The Model 707A has been designed to give good-quality performance at low cost. It has good response characteristics, is free from peaks, and has typical semidirectional pickup. It uses moisture-proofed Bimorph Crystal, mechanically isolated. Ideal for voice and music reproduction. Suitable for low-cost P.A. systems, call systems, amateur ‘phone transmitters and similar applications. It is finished in Pearl Gray with highly-polished plating on …Read More

Shure R5 Controlled Reluctance Cartridge

From the 1949 Shure Brothers Microphone Catalog: The Model R5 Controlled Reluctance Microphone Cartridge is available for service installation and is ideal also for the replacement of crystal microphone cartridges in Shure cases of the Model 707A design shown on page 8. Complete installation instructions in English and Spanish are included. It is an acoustically controlled balanced-armature transducer ideal for both microphone and soft-speaker applications. It is practically unaffected by …Read More

Shure Hercules 510 Series, Controlled Reluctance

From the 1949 Shure Brothers catalog: Here is the revolutionary new Shure Controlled Reluctance Microphone -the “Hercules.” It is a Hand-Held magnetic unit that provides the ruggedness, the clear reproduction, the high output long needed for Public Address, Communications, and Recording-at on amazingly low price! It opens vast new fields of applications: Announcing and Mobile Public Address Systems (including Carnivals, Circuses, Parking Lots, Paging Systems, etc.); Communications; Dictating Machines; Portable …Read More