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Shure R5 Controlled Reluctance Cartridge

Shure R5 Microphone Cartridge

R5-CartridgeFrom the 1949 Shure Brothers Microphone Catalog:
The Model R5 Controlled Reluctance Microphone Cartridge is available for service installation and is ideal also for the replacement of crystal microphone cartridges in Shure cases of the Model 707A design shown on page 8. Complete installation instructions in English and Spanish are included. It is an acoustically controlled balanced-armature transducer ideal for both microphone and soft-speaker applications. It is practically unaffected by heat and humidity. Supplied with rubber mounting ring. Overall diameter of mounting ring 21,4 “; thickness of rubber ring 3!Jo”. Overall depth of cartridge ‘l’s “. Shipping Weight: 4 oz.
Model: R5 Code: RUTUC ……….. List Price: $9.00

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