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Shure Hercules 510 Series, Controlled Reluctance

Shure Model 510C Microphone

Hercules-510c-1949From the 1949 Shure Brothers catalog:
Here is the revolutionary new Shure Controlled Reluctance Microphone -the “Hercules.” It is a Hand-Held magnetic unit that provides the ruggedness, the clear reproduction, the high output long needed for Public Address, Communications, and Recording-at on amazingly low price! It opens vast new fields of applications: Announcing and Mobile
Public Address Systems (including Carnivals, Circuses, Parking Lots, Paging Systems, etc.); Communications; Dictating Machines; Portable Recording Machines; Home Recording; high quality Inter-Communication.

The “Hercules” is a tough microphone, designed to stand up under rough treatment. It is especially ideal for general-purpose use in tropical countries and all coastal areas. The “Hercules” has a stability assured by unique control of the reluctance of the magnetic system. High sensitivity and good fidelity are achieved because of its balanced-armature transducer. The microphone con actually be used as a transmitter and receiver! Provides high-quality reproduction at very low cost. High impedance
is obtained without the use of a transformer. The “Hercules” can be used either Indoors or Outdoors-in the hand, on a desk, or on a stand. Frequency response is 1 00 to 7000 c.p.s. Furnished with 7′ fabric-covered cable. Metallic green finish. Complete with stand adapter. Die-cast case.

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