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Shure 707A Crystal Microphone

Shure Model 707A Crystal Microphone

Shure-707a-1949From the 1949 Shure Brothers Microphone Catalog:
The Model 707A has been designed to give good-quality performance at low cost. It has good response characteristics, is free from peaks, and has typical semidirectional pickup. It uses moisture-proofed Bimorph Crystal, mechanically isolated. Ideal for voice and music reproduction. Suitable for low-cost P.A. systems, call systems, amateur ‘phone transmitters and similar applications.

It is finished in Pearl Gray with highly-polished plating on front grille. Natural life-like reproduction. High output level at end of cable. Has a seven-foot single conductor shielded cable with spring protector. The case is a heavy die casting, is simple in design and in excellent taste. Standard %”-27 thread. Diameter 2″. Shipping weight 11.4 pounds. Model 707 A Crystal Microphone (Stand not included).

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