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Shure Ranger 505C Microphone, Controlled-Reluctance

1949-505c-PhotoFrom the 1949 Shure Brothers Catalog:
The new Shure “Ranger” is a rough-tough Controlled Reluctance microphone. It is a new development of a similar magnetic unit originally housed in microphones used by the Armed Forces. The “Ranger” is especially recommended for those applications where long lines are used, and a rugged hand-held microphone is needed. It is ideal for outdoor public address, mobile communications, hams, audience participation shows, etc.

The “Ranger” is designed for clear, crisp, natural-voice response of high intelligibility. It is easy to use, flts snugly in the palm of the hand; and has a heavy-duty single-throw, double-pole leaf-type switch for push-totalk operation. Phosphor-bronze blades and silver contacts for maximum operating life. It is furnished with 7′ three-conductor shielded cable. Frequency response is 1 00 to 9000 c.p.s.

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