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Sell A Vintage Microphone

I buy many brands and styles of microphones. All of the microphones I purchase are rebuilt into mics used by harmonica players. Harp players have traditionally used bullet-shaped mics, generally built by Shure Brothers and Astatic. Commonly called "Bullet Mics," these are known primarily by their round, cue-ball size and metal construction. They look cool too.

What Kind of Mics?

Microphone Parts

Sell a Microphone for Parts

Many of the microphone models I buy are between 20 and 60 years old. That means a lot of them no longer work. But there are usually one or two parts that can still be used. I buy microphone elements and cartridges, microphone shells and grills, microphone connectors and cables. They are supplied to custom harmonica builders.

What Kind of Parts?


Sell a Vintage PA Amplifier

Along with the unique sound of vintage green bullet microphones, the amplifier used by harmonica players is another important part of the mix. I buy vintage Public Address, or PA amps. They're known for their classic tube technology, and slightly distorted sound. They compare well to Fender Bassman, Fender Champ, and other classic combo amps.

What Kind of Amplifiers?